SOM President’s Testimony

Tan’s Story “War Baby Testimony”

I remember, I have quite a story of how I survived a war and got to the U.S. in the first place so what is that story in brief and how did I see God’s hand at work in those circumstances?

My Story “War Baby Testimony” 

Billie Dawn and I can have the opportunity to thank many Vietnam Veterans for saving my life. If it weren’t for these soldiers, Tan and I would never have met, married and exist together as a family along with 2 handsome boys.

It goes back in between 1971-1975 (my birth year until my last day in Vietnam), I was living in a children’s camp. We never knew what reason I was there for, but I was there. I shared with Billie Dawn several things that happened to me while in the camp:

1. Kids there would steal my food rations, causing me to starve for most days; 

2. I was bullied; not sure if it has to do with me being Amerasian (American-Vietnamese);

3. I was born hearing; 

4. Camp was located into a jungle area, in the middle of Vietnam. 

5. I remembered very vividly that fateful day, I was hiding inside the filthy “port-a-john” type with other kids. But as time went on, one of the camp workers came to me and picked me out and screamed at me, saying “Run!”. Frightened and confused, I ran into the jungle. 

6. I remembered hearing the guns blasting everywhere, bombs exploding, everyone running in different directions, blood spraying/splattering, body parts flinging over here and there, tree roots being too tall for him to go over (mind you, he was a toddler, about 3-4 years old), some people dropping dead in middle of their running after being shot, flung by being exploded, etc. Some kids have been grabbed by soldiers, either Viet Congs or U.S. Marines. Screaming, yelling, calling out and cryings going on all over the place, all at the same time. Full of chaos. I remembered seeing a Viet Cong soldier slashing my arm and an American soldier fighting, killing the V.C. soldier for hurting me. Shocked, scared and upset, I then ran away from them; and

7. I remembered falling down hard from tripping over the tree root, knocking himself out. I felt someone picking me up and was jolted awake due to the hasted motions of running and abruptly flying out of the soldier’s arms after the soldier had unknowingly stepped on the land mine. Then I saw someone else grabbing me and another soldier picking up the fallen/hurt soldier. There were a lot of running and being passed between soldiers. It felt like it was going on forever. I looked down and saw some blood trickling on my body, and looking up to see that they came into a tight clearing. The helicopter was just touching down, the helicopter solider burst out, taking and carrying me back into the ‘copter. I recalled looking around the inside of the ‘copter as the soldier was securing me onto some kind of bench-like platform. I looked over and saw him quickly securing the fallen/hurt soldier as well.. and there was a sensation of flying up into the air. I then blacked out. 

8. Finally, after recuperating from the wounds, I was brought into Hawaii. It was then that I discovered that I could not hear at all. Later, I was placed into the foster system, then eventually became adopted by an American family. 

So, Vietnam Veterans, our heartfelt thanks to you all that were willing to risk so much to save my life.

Part Two: Tan Lynn’s Personal Testimony

My name is Tan Lynn, creator & president of the Silent Outreach Ministries -SOM since July 2010. I live in Lewisville. I was the Leader of the Calvary Baptist Church Deaf Ministry with Pastor Kent Oviatt in Winston Salem, NC since 2006 – 2018. Currently, member of the Triad Baptist Church Deaf Ministry with Lead Pastor Rob Decker, located in Kernersville, NC. I have been married to Billie Dawn since Aug. 1998. We have been blessed with 2 sons (18 & 9).

How did Lord change my life? Here’s what happened: Last July 2005, Billie Dawn, my wife, got saved at Harvest Deaf Camp. Few months later, in Nov. 2005, God called her to have us move to Winston Salem, NC. She told God, “I am not telling Tan anything about moving. You will have to tell Tan Yourself. And You know how I feel about moving!”

I started watching Charles Stanley on tv. He has written many books. I decided to buy one of his books called “Living The Extraordinary Life”. As I read, I didn’t understand the issue of happiness and joy. I decided to read that book three more times. I came to my wife and did ask her about myself if I was unhappy and get moody. She told me, “You know the answer yourself. It is only the time that you will have to figure it out yourself.” I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and it would seem like my heart was empty and no full of joy. I realized that I wasn’t truly saved. In that moment I decided. I bow down screaming and cried out to Lord. In that moment I asked Lord to come into my heart and to give me His FULL OF JOY so that I may experience peace in my life.

After that moment, I felt so peaceful and went back to sleep. I was joyful, fully knowing that He came into my life. That was on Jan 1, 2006. Then in Feb, 2006. I read another Charles Stanley book. I felt Holy Spirit informing me to move our family to Winston Salem, NC. I decided to write down note exactly where Lord had called us to move. I did hide the note and see how my wife respond to me. I did ask her join me in dining room. I told her that God has revealed me something and that I wanted to share it with her. Suddenly she said, “I already know that we have to move to Winston Salem, NC.” Imagine my surprise to that remark! I knew that Lord has plans for us in Winston Salem, NC. We moved on the last week of Aug., 2006. We have been receiving Lord’s blessings and we continue to thank our Lord for what He has done for our family.

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